Marvel Comics Writers Explain Why They’re Making Thor a Woman

Marvel announced on The View Tuesday morning that a woman will take up Thor’s mantle–err, hammer. Fans were shocked to find out that for the foreseeable future, the long, blonde locks waving under Thor’s Norse helmet in the comic books will belong to a lady.

The announcement comes during a groundswell of support for female superheroes. Wonder Woman will get her long-awaited big screen debut (albeit in a Batman-Superman movie), the Power Puff Girls are returning to TV and a new line of female super hero action figures is set to hit shelves this holiday season. The fangirl, it turns out, is the great untapped resource of the comic book world, and they want to see more characters that look like them: 47% of comic fans are female, and women made up 62% of the Facebook fans of female comic characters (including Black Widow, Elektra, and She-Hulk), according to Comics Beat.

But Marvel’s Thor move isn’t just some gimmick to attract girls, as demonstrated by Marvel executive director Ryan Penagos’ perfect response to fanboy outrage:

.@Marvel executive editor @AgentM responds perfectly to nerd rage over news that Thor will be a woman: <a class="colorbox" …read more

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